The West Virginia Association of Professional Psychologists (WVAPP) was formed in January of 2012 to seek to maintain the current licensure laws and to advocate for quality and affordable psychological services to all of West Virginia. Although relatively newly formed, we already have over 140 members,  including both Master‘s and Doctoral prepared psychologists working together to promote and protect best practices in the field of professional psychology.

WVAPP seeks to advance the profession of psychology and the public interest by: 

  • Supporting high standards of clinical training, experience, and licensure requirements
  • Providing quality and accessible psychological and behavioral health services torural and urban areas of West Virginia
  • Containing the costs of psychological services by continuing to licensing both master’s and doctoral prepared psychologists
  • Participating in and influencing the legislative process by advocating for policies and legislation that serves the residents of West Virginia

West Virginia has a unique opportunity to maintain its current psychology licensure laws and meet the ever growing needs for well- trained and experienced psychologists to serve West Virginia, especially in our rural areas.

Master’s prepared psychologists have been licensed in our state since 1970 and are required to pass the same national written and oral exams as doctoral psychologists.

Studies consistently show no differences in treatment outcomes for those with different levels of training.

Our current model of licensure has served West Virginia well and will continue to do so in the future.

The leadership of West Virginia Psychological Association rests on the notion that an influx of doctoral psychologist will magically occur following licensure change, and creates two new levels of provider with lower qualification standards, and without any method of financial reimbursement. The proposal would completely restructure the existing Board of Examiners of Psychologists, renaming it the Board of Psychology, and stacking the board so that it can easily be dominated by only a few individuals.

WVPA licensure proposal equals loss of psychologists for our state.